Spike O’Sullivan talks O’Kane, Eubank Jr Fight and Canelo-Khan

Recently I caught up with Irish Middleweight Gary ‘Spike’ O Sullivan who spoke on his recovery from the burst ear drum he suffered against Chris Eubank Jr last year, a potential bout with Eamonn O’Kane, his thoughts on Canelo vs Khan and more.


How did your injured ear drum effect you in the Eubank fight, did you require surgery? 

“No need to have surgery as it healed perfectly. Yeah it effected me greatly, an injury to your ear drum ruins your balance and also affects your vision.”

How did the loss affect you?

“Well I lost my chance to fight for the world title, that was very disappointing for me.”

Do you have any news when you will be back in action, is the Eamonn O’Kane fight something you are interested in?

“Yes I am very interested in that, I think Belfast is a really good fighting city with a great atmosphere. I would love to fight there and O’Kane would be a good fight. I don’t know what’s happening with it though, not sure if the show is going ahead.”

Is O’Kane the most likely option for you next or is there other fighters you are looking at?

“I haven’t been looking at anyone to be honest, he is the only one being mentioned at the moment so I guess at this stage he seems the most likely.”

You and Eamonn are good friends but I’m sure both of you would have no problem putting friendship aside for one night?

“Yeah to be honest Eamonn is one of the nicest guy’s I’ve met, him and his family are really nice people. But a fight is a fight and I am very competitive and I would do what it takes to win the fight. I would gladly buy Eamon a drink after I KO him in the fight.”

Where would you like to be come the end of 2016?

“I won’t be getting carried away, I’m still waiting on my first fight date and opponent. I just want to get that first and see what happens from there.”

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You hurt Eubank on a couple of occasions, do you think fully fit you could have won the fight?

“Yeah I never landed cleanly on his chin but I did wobble him a few times. At times he was ducking down by my knees and holding at other times. I believe if my ear drum wasn’t burst in the second I could definitely have won.”

Who do you think will win between Nick Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr?

“Well Blackwell can definitely win if boxes clever and stays behind his jab. He could even stop Eubank late as he was tiring against me.”

Steve Collins recently said your next fight is your most important, do you feel you are at the point where it’s make or break?

“Not really. Steve was beaten three times before he became World Champion and there are several other fighters I could think of, I think Mickey lost about 11 times. I don’t agree with that however.”

What do you think of the Khan vs Canelo fight, can Amir win?

“Well it’s a nice pay day and he does have a chance if he fires quick punches and moves a lot. I think that will be his game plan. I don’t agree with the fight being at catch weight for a World Title, I think it’s disrespectful to proper Middleweights.”

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