One Fighter Questions How Confident Team Quigg Really Are

As we draw close to the massive Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg IBF and WBA unification fight, one thing is sure, that team Quigg’s almost crusade like quest to rile team Frampton up will continue right up until the first bell. And every one knows why.


They want Frampton throwing caution to the wind and steamrolling forward like an angry bull. But that want might be much more of a need.

The one thing we keep hearing about Quigg is that he is improving with every fight, his 2nd round knock out of Kiko Martinez being put as proof of that on more then 1 occasion, and maybe rightly so.

But when both fighters strengths and weakness are laid out on the table, Frampton has the upper hand in almost every aspect – faster hands, better footwork, better going forward, better going back, better shot selection, better ring IQ and has also shown he has the ability to adapt, after being put down twice in the first round in his last outing against Gonzalez.

You could argue Quigg has the better power and has a better inside game, to be fair to the Bury man.

Quigg likes to box in straight lines at times and we’ve seen him having trouble with technically savvy boxers in the past, most notably against the Cuban Salinas, where for six rounds, he was been beaten comfortably, only to make a great rally and salvage a draw.

We’ve also seen him look some what vulnerable on the back foot in the first round of the Kiko Martinez fight, when he allowed Kiko dictate the pace, prior to landing his show closing power on the Spaniard.

Trainer Joe Gallagher knows Quigg cannot go out there and walk Frampton down in straight lines, or let Carl dictate the pace with a clear head.

If that happens, the faster hands the better footwork and shot selection will all be telling in the bout.

Shane McGuigan knows he can’t let the mind games get to Frampton either, because that is what team Quigg has set their stall out around, the need for Frampton to make that mistake before they can capitalize.

Sometimes when a game plan is set around the need of the opponent making a mistake instead of around your own fighters strengths, it can be a telling factor of how confident a team really are, underneath it all.

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