Boxing NAV needs your help! #VoteBoxingNAV

We have been asked to participate in an amazing national competition for start-ups to help our new boxing site grow and we need you, our loyal, awesome readers, to help us.


Hi folks,

Hope everyone is well on this Friday. We are in a national competition for start-ups on (we are the 1st video on the list) –

The competition vote is open to the public and to vote for us if you are on Twitter, simply tweet the hashtag #VoteBoxingNAV. There are no limits to the number of times people can vote and the winner will be selected based on the number of mentions this hashtag receives by Wednesday Feb 24th!

Thanks to everyone for all the tweeting of #VoteBoxingNAV on Twitter so far – massively appreciated!

Hat tip to the brilliant Richard Good who produced our video.


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