Hatton Boxer Evans Working On Perfecting Famous Hitman Left Hook To The Body

Talented prospect Sam Evans has become a star pupil in the art Ricky Hatton body assaults.


The heavy-handed teenager joined Hatton’s stable last autumn and has worked meticulously on perfecting the Hitman’s favourite shot – a left hook to the torso.

And he gets a change to put what he’s learned into practice at Walsall Town Hall this Friday night (February 19) when he faces Atherton’s teak tough William Warburton. 19 year old Evans said:

“Ricky is one of the best body punchers in boxing history so there’s nobody better to learn off. He teaches me all these little tricks in the gym and I can’t wait for each fight to come up because it gives me a chance to try out what he’s taught me. I’ve watched the video of his fight with [Jose Luis] Castillo over and over and it’s the perfect punch. I’d love to get off a body punch like that.”

The aforementioned Warburton isn’t the kind of boxer that takes too many to the midriff though. The Lancastrian is a veteran of 113 paid contests and has only failed to hear the final bell on two occasions. Of his opponent Sam said:

“He’s scored a few upsets and he’s as tough as they come. I’m more than confident I’ll get the win. I don’t make predictions, I’m just sure I can get another win under my belt. It’s easy for any boxer to say they’ll knock their opponent out, but I’m not like that. I’ll just go with the flow and do whatever Ricky tells me to in the corner.”

(Image sent in by Hatton Promotions)

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