Super-Welterweight Contender Dennis Hogan Setting Up Camp In USA

Irish 154lbs contender Dennis Hogan (21-1-1-7KO) told us about his new move and new trainer.


Speaking to Dennis Hogan (30) one thing is apparent, his dedication to his craft.

After a successful amateur career, the past five years in the pro ranks he’s put most of the rest of his life on hold to achieve the dream that ultimately all pro boxers have, to become world champion.

In his last fight against interim WBA champion Jack Culcay he came close to taking a giant leap towards that dream, unfortunately on the night it wasn’t to be.

Dennis said:

“I made some silly mistakes in that fight, looking back at it I’m actually embarrassed at some of the mistakes.”

Maybe he shouldn’t be so hard on himself, with the postponement of the bout first time round by the time Dennis got to Germany to fight he had traveled half way around the world six times in 14 months. It’s hard to imagine that didn’t play its part.

For Dennis though there are no excuses. It meant regrouping, getting back into the gym and working on the mistakes.

Only the gym Dennis will be training in for his next fight won’t be in Queensland Australia with the usual Steve Deller, it will be now in Miami, Florida, with Manuel Sagayo – trainer of WBA regular lightweight champion Ismael Barroso.

(Highlights of Culcay vs Hogan – tip tip to the Dennis Niemann YouTube account):

Touching on this Dennis said:

“After getting back and after taking my first loss, it obviously had me doing a lot of thinking. I came to the conclusion that personally for me, I want to be challenging for the type of titles I want and know I have the ability to contest. I need top class sparring on a regular basis and unfortunately the depth in talent at that level just isn’t in Australia at the minute.”

He added:

“So first I had a chat with Steve, explained were I was at and what I felt was best for me to further my career. We left it on a handshake. I can’t thank him enough for the work he has put into me over the past five years. I then spoke with Adam Wilcocks my manager.”

In two weeks time, Dennis will travel to Miami to link up with Sayago, having already been training for the past two weeks to one of Sayago’s training plans and is already enjoying it he told me:

“The training plan he’s sent over is intense and enjoyable, every coach is different so I’m looking forward to getting over there mixing things up and learning new things. Right now it’s just for this camp, see how we work together and all going well we can look at a more permanent situation.”

For this writer it’s hard to see it going any other way but good, and if you’ve ever spoke to Dennis, you would most probably feel the same.

(Image source and credit: Dennis Hogan Twitter)

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