‘Sniper’ Sam Smith confident and assured ahead of tonight’s fight - Boxing News and Views

‘Sniper’ Sam Smith confident and assured ahead of tonight’s fight

‘Sniper’ Sam Smith talks to Boxing News & Views ahead of second pro bout tonight.


Light-heavyweight prospect, ‘Sniper’ Sam Smith (1-0) spoke exclusively to Boxing News & Views ahead of his second pro bout tomorrow night at the G1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester on a KM Promotions event titled, ‘Unfinished Business’.

Trained by Paddy Fitzpatrick in his Swindon-based gym, Sniper tackles Somerset’s Bryn Wain (0-3).

The 175-pounder is looking to double his win tally with a victory over the 19-year-old and then focus on his next fight on March 12th at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon.

Here’s what the former three-time national amateur champion had to say.

You’re scheduled to fight in March but this fight seemed to come out of the blue?

“I found out about four weeks ago and I’ve been preparing for a fight in February anyway. I’m still fighting on March 12th which will be my first six rounds then.”

You won your debut with a points win over Mark Till in December, what have you been working on since then?

“To be honest, I’ve been working on a lot more stuff from the first fight like my stance. The sparring has been going well. I sparred David ‘Bomber’ Bailey, he’s an unbeaten light-heavyweight from Chris Sanigar’s gym in Bristol. I’ll probably spar the big names like Enzo (Maccarinelli) for my next fight.

It seems like forever since my debut but it was only six weeks ago. Felt weird the first fight in the pros but this time around, I’ll be looser and start quicker. In a way you’ve got to start strong but not rush it, you’ve got to establish the jab first. A lot of it is reach, a lot of sparring partners have said don’t go up close because you’ve got that sniper reach with your jab.”

You have signed a six-fight deal with KM Promotions, which seems to be working out well for you so far?

“Everything’s been going according to plan. Paddy wants me to break the top-10 in 18 months and to be 10-0. Then the Southern Area title, that’s the belt I really want to go for first, that would be ideal. Two others in my family have already won it but there’s no pressure on me, the only pressure is what I put on myself, which I’ve done in the past in the amateurs but in the pros, I don’t feel no pressure, you don’t need it. I think you’ve got to have a healthy ego, not being lairy but self-assured. I’d say 99 per cent of it is mental attitude.”

Obviously, you are slated to fight again in March, will you get any time off in between bouts?

“No, probably back training on Tuesday so won’t be long, maybe two days off. For this one I haven’t got a great deal in support because March is the main one.”

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