Lloyd Ellett Ready To Rock and Roll Tonight in Brighton

Lloyd ‘Lightning Bolt’ Ellett talks to Boxing News & Views ahead of 20th pro bout tonight


The 28-year-old Sussex boxer will tackle Slovakian, Andrej Moravek (2-4-1) over six three-minute rounds at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton.

Have preparations gone well for this fight?

“Really good, it’s gone really well. Been training hard, just done what I always do. There’s been a bit less sparring but the sparring I’ve had has been good quality and I performed well in it. I done bit more technique and pad work this time, which has probably had a positive effect.”

You suffered a nasty cut above your eye in your last fight, could such a recent injury affect your performance in the ring tonight?

“I expect it means I’m going to box a bit more but it’s hard to say until I get in there. In sparring, I carried on as if nothing happened.”

Does the milestone of reaching 20 pro bouts mean anything to you?

“It doesn’t mean anything. I hadn’t even thought about, to be honest!”

Without looking past tonight, when will you be looking to fight next?

“It all depends on the kind of fights I get. I want a big step up next, whether that takes time to sort out, I don’t know, but I just want to fight again as soon as possible. If it means waiting longer for a good fight then so be it, but I’ll be ready no matter what comes up. I’ll be straight back in the gym on Monday, I don’t want any time out.”

Who will be in support tonight?

“I’ve got great support as normal, done lot of tickets for this one and I’m looking forward to it. There’s quite a few of lads from my gym come down, we do a good job of supporting each other.”

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