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Hennon Frustrated With Injury Pullout From Next Fight

Unbeaten welterweight, George Hennon has been left frustrated by a back injury that could see him out of the ring until May.


Kent prospect, George Hennon (2-0) has had to withdraw from his upcoming bout against Fonz Alexander (3-25-0) on March 4th at the Grays Civic Hall in Essex due to a re-occurrence of a back injury.

The first weekend in March would have served as Hennon’s third professional contest on a Carl Greaves Promotions show titled, ‘New Kids on the Block’, after previously overcoming opponents, Ali Wyatt (4-28-2) and Matt Seawright (5-115-5) on points in 2015. Hennon said:

“Me and my coach decided after it got to a point where physically it was hurting to punch that the best thing to do was rest, have a couple of weeks off and look to go again when I feel better.”

The unbeaten fighter and his trainer were rightfully unwilling to enter the ring whilst carrying an injury at such an early stage in the 21-year-old’s career:

“I’m only 21 and there’s no point in me overdoing it and making the injury worse now. That is one of the main reasons we pulled out of this fight. Hopefully I can needle this out and if I can get back to 100 per cent, I’ll be fine going forward.”

Hennon Frustrated With Injury

The injury may well keep him out of the ring until May but the 147-pounder is determined to get back to the Peacock Gym in Canning Town where he trains with Johnny and Frank Greaves.

“I’m looking to start training soon. I want to get back in the gym within the next two weeks. Obviously I’ll start slowly, nothing too heavy, and I’m hoping to be back to proper training by the end of the month; I’ll play it by ear.”

He continued:

“Hopefully I’ll be back in the ring again in May, that will give me enough time. If I can get back in the gym in the next couple of weeks and start ticking over and then start properly fight training, then realistically we’re looking at getting out again around May.”

Hennon, from Snodland, was left feeling discouraged by the untimely injury as he was particularly looking forward to facing a different challenge in his forthcoming opponent, Newark’s Fonz Alexander. Hennon sighed:

“It’s extremely frustrating. In my eyes, it was the perfect opponent for me, which is gutting. His style suits my way of fighting, we think, so I was really looking forward to the fight which makes the injury even more of a shame but we’ll definitely look for that fight again.”

Hennon doubles up as a scaffolder so his spinal injury has not had any time to recover in between training sessions, he explained:

“I’m a scaffolder by trade which isn’t the best job for back pain. I had a couple of days off but obviously I need to earn money, so I’m still going to work. It’s something I’ve got to do. It’s not the best thing going forward but the back is improving and it’s feeling a bit better.”

The injury appears to be linked to another back problem the 21-year-old has been dealing with for over a year. Following his previous fight in October last year against Wyatt, Hennon had spoken about treatment he’d been receiving for back pain and looks set to resume the recovery now.

“I’m going to keep going back to the physio and see what he says. I’m no expert but I don’t think there’s any surgery I can have done. There are certain stretches that I can only do with the physio, so in terms of treatment it’s stretching and resting.”

The March 4th bout also happens to be trainer Johnny Greaves’ birthday and the young fighter, albeit disappointed at not having the opportunity to celebrate the milestone with a victory of his own, was looking forward to another of his trainer’s men fighting on the night.

“It’s John’s 37th birthday and my teammate Sonny Whiting is boxing that night, he’s another one of John’s fighters.”

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