Steve Collins Jr Can’t Wait To Get Back In The Ring Tonight In Dublin

Steve Collins Jr is back in the ring tonight after nearly a year out with injury. Here’s what he had to say about his comeback tonight, building his own legacy, the Celtic Warriors, his father and Eubank plus his plans for the next two years.


How much are you looking forward to getting back in the ring this Friday?

I can’t wait to get back in the ring, it’s been very frustrating but I’m ready and I can’t wait to get back in there.

So what have you been doing while you where in recovery, have you picked anything up that will help you in your career?

Yeah I’ve been studying a lot really, watching a lot of fight’s trying to pick up things  here and there. I’ve simmered down a little bit, worked on my fitness, that’s all I could do up to a couple of months ago.

Your dad suffered with injuries in his career, did he give you any advice or guidance to help you while you where out?

He keeps telling me to ‘stay patient, stay patient’ because he knows how impatient I am, and he know’s how eager I am to get back in the ring. He just doesn’t want me to rush back too early.

After Friday surely you will want to push on and put the injuries behind you?

Yeah I just want to be busy every month, I want to get between 8-11 fight’s this year if I can. After my injury I just want to be in action and stay busy for the next couple of years.

What goals have you set yourself for 2016 in regards boxing?

My goals would be further than 2016. I want to be busy all of 2016 and 2017 then I feel I’ll be ready to start chasing down big fights.

Chris Eubank recently said on Irish television that if a fight with your dad came up that he would be interested in the fight, do you think your dad would be interested in facing Eubank?

Yeah he’s mad enough, he could be 70 years old and still take that fight.

(Steve Collins Jr on the pads with his father, via Irish-Boxing):

The Collins’ and the Eubanks’ have history, but what do you think of Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn potentially squaring off again?

I don’t think they should do it, if they wanted to do it they should have done it 15, 20 years ago. I think it’s silly talk at the moment and even though they look great and are in super shape for their age, they are in their 50’s and are long past it.

Now you are on the way back where would you like to fight, maybe chase down titles here in Ireland, fight in England for more exposure or maybe in America?

I’ve trimmed down to Light Heavyweight, but I’ll fight wherever they accommodate me. In two years time what ever offers I get I’ll take, whether it’s an Irish title, European title, English anything I’ll take it.

The Collins name is famous in Boxing, do you feel pressure to emulate your father or do you want to build your own legacy aside from his?

It’s kind of both. I’ve big shoes to fill, people will always see me and my name and think of my dad so I’ll have to prove myself first. Once I do prove myself I can then build my own legacy.

But you don’t want to be seen as Steve Collins’s son, you want be remembered as Steve Collins Jr in your own right?

I’m very proud of my dad, I’m very lucky to be his son but as a boxer I want to be my own man. I want people to remember me and not remember me as Steve’s son.

Do you feel your lack of an Amateur career has been a disadvantage?

I think if I had an Amateur career I would probably be somewhere different at the age I am now. It’s just going to take a little longer because all I am lacking is experience but I have the ability, the drive, mindset, all skills levels and I’ve a good boxing brain. I’m just lacking that bit of experience, I need a couple of years under my belt.

You train out of the Celtic Warriors Gym, how has training with the likes of Spike O Sullivan, Stephen Ormond and your Uncle Packie helped you in your development?

It’s great, the lads all set a great standard. Myself and Stephen train a lot with each other so I watch a lot what he does and I try to take a lot from him. I think he’s going to be World Champion soon, so I’d like to follow in his footsteps. There are also other guys in the gym Ian Tims, Luke Keeler, Niall Kennedy even Jono Caroll, it’s great to watch some like him with rapid speed. Frank Buglioni is an absolute perfectionist so it’s a good standard everyone sets, I’m very lucky to have them all around me in the gym everyday.

And finally…

How much are you looking forward to fighting in front of your home crowd this Friday?

I had great support last time I fought, it’s just great to see and fight in front of all your friends and family the people who care about you it’s gives you a good lift.

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