Tyson Fury Wont Fight Haye For All The Money In The World

The bitterness from the heavyweight champion towards the ‘Hayemaker’ is understandable given the two fights in the past that Haye pulled out of with Fury, but a collision between the two could be inevitable.


It’s hard to put a figure on someone’s dislike for another person, but in the case of Tyson Fury’s loathing of David Haye, Tyson Fury won’t fight Haye even if he was offered £100 million pounds, apparently. That’s quite a hatred.

The heavyweight champion of the world has the right in many people’s view to have such an opinion of Haye however, and it looks as though Haye will need to work his way back up the rankings into a mandatory contender spot if he’s to have any chance of fighting for the belts that currently sit around Fury’s waist, with Fury adamant that he’d rather relinquish them than give an opportunity to Haye to earn some money through a fight with him.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Fury said:

“No matter who he beats or who he knocks out I’ll never fight him. I don’t care if they offer me £100 million. Its about principle. I trained hard for two fights with him and he pulled out rather than fight, now let him make some money off his own back.”

(Image source and credit: Skysports.com)

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