Anthony Joshua Brutally Knocks Out Whyte

Anthony Joshua after surviving the biggest scare of his career, exacted an absolutely devastating knockout on long time rival Dillian Whyte to capture to British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.


Joshua opened up straight away in the first round with massive bombs that hurt Whyte, who barely survived the first round.

Amazingly at the end of the first round Whyte went for Joshua after the bell, causing a huge scene with both corner teams entering the ring, risking disqualification.

Alas, the fight continued thankfully, with an even more dramatic second round next up, that saw Joshua survive the biggest fright of his career when Whyte tagged him with a big bomb, forcing the Olympic Gold medalist to hold on and survive the second round.

As the fight progressed, Joshua’s boxing skills began to come into play and then in the seventh, he rocked him with some nuclear missile punches that sent Whyte reeling across the ring, and then, knocked him out in devastating, brutal fashion, with Whyte left in a heap on the ground.

Whyte needed an oxygen mask for a short period in what was a really sickening knockout, but thankfully he got back to his feet a short time after.

(Image credit: Irish Mirror)

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