Who said boxers don’t remember each others birthdays? Well, Kell Brook remembered fellow rival Amir Khan’s yesterday, and took it as an opportunity to send him a quick reminder.


The two are long standing competitors who have yet to face one another in the ring. However talks lately have looked more positive than ever before, with a possible fight in 2016 potentially on the cards.

Reigning IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook sent this birthday tweet to Khan yesterday:

Kell Brook Sends Thoughtful Birthday Tweet To Amir Khan

No doubt Khan had a chuckle to himself when he saw this, amid any birthday celebrations he may have been having.

The two have been linked together in a potential showdown for a number of years now, with different obstacles in the way in the past from purse splits to other fight opportunities cropping up, to other reasons (from both sides).

It looks like all paths are clear for negotiations to open up once again in the coming months though, and judging from positive sentiment expressed by Eddie Hearn in recent reports, it may very well come to fruition next year.

(Image credit: Mirror UK)

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