What Next For Martin Murray?

As Martin Murray lost another World title shot last weekend, you have to ponder what is next for the St Helens warrior?


Heartbreak Again

A lot of people took to various social media platforms expressing their disdain that Murray lost. I personally don’t understand why everyone was upset by the decision in Germany, as I believe Murray lost by 2 rounds.

I was rooting for Murray in everyway. I still can’t believe that he isn’t a world title-holder, and just think that maybe Murray never will be (perhaps the boxing Gods have it in for him).

Unlike George Groves for example, Murray has definitely won the title twice (Stieglitz and Martinez) and has a huge argument in his favor, but the performance against Abraham wasn’t a winning performance, and it wasn’t what I was expecting from Murray at all.

Murray had told Sky in an interview that he had been watching the Froch vs Abraham fight and that he had seen how to beat him. You could see what Murray was trying to do against Abraham, but unlike Froch, he didn’t stay in the pocket with Abraham, and unload the big shots that would have won him the fight.

Instead, he kept coming out and moving away, allowing Abraham to unload the better shots. Murray proved that he could take what Abraham threw at him and rattled the champion in the 8th, but did nothing once he had.

When he was sat in the corner, I couldn’t believe the advice he was getting from Oliver Harrison, frankly, who was confidently telling him he was winning and that the plan was right. I felt like smashing the TV!

Boxing Gods

A friend of mine and I (Lee Wilson I’ll name drop you) were discussing where would Murray go now?

The usual drop back to domestic and rebuild came up, but the super-middle weight domestic scene (in the UK) to be fair, is probably the best in the world. And Murray is world class.

So for me personally, first off, I would like him to move on from trainer Oliver Harrison. I believe he would be better for it. I wouldn’t worry about him falling out of the Super-middleweight scene for a bit, not now he’s with Eddie Hearn and the way the Brits are dominating the division.

He could still be in some huge domestic and world showdowns once again, realistically. I believe for him to gain that elusive world title he has to leave Oliver and look for a different approach, though.

If he fights like he did again on Saturday, he could wind up being like the 21st century Herol Graham, who is regarded by many as one of the best fighters to never win a world title.

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