Frampton and Quigg Camps Disdain For Eachother Starting To Come Out

The story of Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg is beginning to really unfold into the public eye this week, with obvious tensions and dislikes for one another that have built up over the years, now starting to come out publicly.


Professional boxing at it’s biggest stage, is often rightly or wrongly, a mixture of top talent and big hype, but when you a get a fight that captures the public’s imagination that has genuine credibility like this one, and a lot of hype, then you’ve really got something.

The Frampton vs Quigg build-up is quickly becoming a pantomime with many different characters playing their part in pre-fight promotion.

So far this week, it’s become entirely evident who doesn’t like who from each camp.

The trainers Shane McGuigan and Joe Gallagher are trying to wind each other up, Frampton think’s Gallagher and Eddie Hearn are arrogant, Eddie Hearn is trying to get a reaction out of Frampton. Barry McGuigan seems to be the only one so far holding back.

It’s really coming to life nicely.

But take away the hype and animosity between both teams, you’ve got underneath that, a unification world title fight between two undefeated explosive boxers – in the fighting prime of their lives.

Perhaps this is what pay per view, big time boxing should be all about – genuine talent meeting one another at the top level and fun, edgy press conferences where people don’t hold back verbally, without stepping over the line of of excessive swearing, etc.

Day one and day two of this week’s media tour have been compelling viewing for us journalists and fans so far, one would expect the grand crescendo of this week’s initial press conference tour to really come about later today in Belfast in it’s final leg.

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