WATCH: The Gloves Are Off Fury vs Klitschko (Full Episode)

Mind games, banter, tactics and more, here’s the latest installment of ‘The Gloves Are Off’ featuring Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury.


The two sat down a few weeks ago with Sky’s Johnny Nelson, in what was a fascinating encounter.

Their heavyweight title clash in Dusseldorf Germany at the end of the month has been sold out for months, with a genuine intrigue from casual and hardcore boxing fans alike, perhaps due to the enigmatic character of Tyson Fury, amplified by the compelling nature of the contest itself.

Everyone loves a fight between two heavyweights, especially good ones, and Klitschko vs Fury is arguably the biggest heavyweight title fight in a couple of years.

It’s got the old lion vs the young lion story, the introvert against the extrovert and 55,000 plus onlooking spectators in a European soccer stadium.

The mental warfare is clearly underway between the two, with some very interesting references to game plans from Fury at one point.

Tyson Fury was proven to be almost prophetic in his initial view that Wlad would pull out initially in the video (at the time of original filming) but alas, the fight is now all systems go once again for the end of the month.

This episode really does build the fight nicely, if you may indulge this boxing’s writer’s boyish excitement ahead of what should be an excellent occasion for boxing:

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