WATCH: Tim Bradley Hammers Brandon Rios into Retirement

It was arguably the finest performance of Timothy Bradley’s career thus far.


It was a fight that many predicted to be a war beforehand, but father time looked like it had caught up on Brandon Rios’ boxing career.

Training under new guidance from the renowned Teddy Atlas, Tim Bradley and Atlas had a perfect game plan for Rios from the beginning.

Through punishing body shots, a solid jab and well timed right hands, Bradley broke the teak tough Rios down, bit by bit.

The eventual end came for Rios in the ninth round following a series of crippling body shots from Bradley.

Rios afterwards announced his immediate retirement from the sport at the age of 29. Making the weight has always been a problem for Rios throughout his career, and perhaps this was the night where it all caught up with him.

Bradley on the other hand moves on to bigger pastures, with potential fights like Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan possibly on the horizon.

In case you missed the action, here’s the key moments of the fight courtesy of HBO:

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