Lennox Lewis Spots One Weakness In Golovkin

The former undisputed heavyweight champion was highly impressed with boxing’s newest superstar but like everyone, he isn’t without things to correct, says Lewis.


Gennady Golovkin arguably crossed over to mass media this weekend just gone, when he took apart former middleweight champion David Lemieux in cold, systematic fashion, to unify (for the most part bar one more fight) the 160lbs global, professional-boxing division.

His performance and career to date has been universally recognised in boxing circles as being exemplary, but former UK heavyweight kingpin Lennox Lewis spotted one thing that boxing’s latest pay per view attraction will need to work on and correct going forward.

Speaking to the folks at Fight Hub shortly after the fight went down in Madison Square Garden, New York at the weekend, Lewis commented:

“He keeps his left hand down a little bit. He seems a little open for a right hand, but these are things he just needs to correct in training.”

This ‘left hand low’ trait had been pointed out by others in the past but to date, GGG’s boxing skills, ring IQ and incredible power has been more than enough to compensate for it.

Golovkin now moves on to what looks like could be a mouth watering possible unification clash with the winner of the upcoming Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez bout, a potential 160lbs bonanza – that would universally crown the modern day undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

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