Boxing NAV’s Latest Top 10 Pound For Pound Rankings

It’s that time again, where every two months or so we update a list that always seems to cause a bit of a stir. That is of course, the good old top ten pound for pound boxing debate.


The top ten best boxers in the world regardless of weight category, is a much sought after yet still, very mythical list that boxing writers attempt to put together, every once in a while.

As of October 12th 2015, there’s been a lot of jostling for position among professional boxing’s finest combatants in recent months.

Yes, I’ve included Floyd Mayweather and I know many will point to him being ‘retired’ and therefore no longer welcome on the list. However, I’m yet to be convinced that he’ll not appear once more in a professional boxing ring over the next 12 months, so he still gets the top spot, for now.

Flyweight kingpin Roman Gonzalez has also gotten a bump up the list, because well, he’s been in beast mode in recent times, striking terror through the flyweight division like very few have in the past, and is rightly starting to get some of the long overdue credit he deserves.

Andre Ward also returns to the list following his return from a long layoff, adding even more strength to what really is an incredibly strong list now.

Boxing is arguably in one of the healthiest positions in years for quality of fighters competing at the top level, and thus, makes lists like this very hard to compile indeed.

Honourable mentions must go to the likes of Tim Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Adonis Stevenson, Canelo Alvarez, Vasyl Lomachenko, Jorge Linares and a few more, who just miss out on the top 10 for me at the moment :

Boxing NAV's Latest Top 10 Pound For Pound Rankings

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