The 10th Round: Mickey Bey vs John Molina

This week on Boxing News and Views we are introducing a new weekly/bi-weekly column called “The 10th round”, where I’ll be writing on a specific round in a very important and entertaining fight, with a graphical twist. First up, we’ll be taking a look back at Mickey Bey vs John Molina in 2013.


(July 19th, 2013) It was the 10th round and Mickey Bey was in the midst of wrapping up a complete domination of blood and guts warrior John Molina.

Simply put, Bey was the far superior fighter that night and it showed in pretty much every category. Bey was able to continuously beat Molina to the punch and repeatedly land “power shots.”

The result of the fight seemed to be a long, foregone conclusion. (At one point it looked as if Bey was going for the knockout, hurting Molina early in the 10th.)

Bey knew this completely. In fact he knew he was so in charge he gave the TMT camp in the crowd a salute as if to say “yep, I’m bringing this one home.”

mickey bey vs john molina

However as the saying in boxing goes “one punch can change everything”, and boy did it ever.

With about a minute and ten seconds gone by in the round, Steve Farhood would comically say that Molina needed “A 9 run homerun” to win.

This was exactly the case; Molina was down big and needed to do something. FAST. The comeback started with a winging left hand that initially shook Bey up.

mickey bey vs john molina

Visibly hurt, Bey immediately began to hold on but it was too late.

Molina would ABSOLUTELY not be held and emptied out the tank, throwing everything he had at Bey. Molina landed absolute bombs on Bey who surprisingly never went down.

The referee, sensing exactly what was at stake tried his very best to let Bey gather himself and escape with the victory.

Molina however was determined to do just the opposite.

mickey bey vs john molina

And he did.

(Image credit: Showtime YouTube Channel)

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