Santa Cruz vs Mares Fight: Time, Location and Prediction

Get ready for an all out Mexican boxing war this weekend


Where, when and what time

Date: Saturday, August 29th.

Location: Staples Center, LA, California, USA.

Time: 10pm East Coast, 7PM West Coast and 3am (Sunday morning) in UK/Ireland. 

TV provider showing the fight: ESPN (US) and BT (UK/Ireland).


This is a fight that not only all of Mexico has been waiting for, but indeed boxing fans around the world have been patiently biding their time for.

You’ve got it all, two Mexican featherweight warriors in their primes, fighting for bragging rights in their proud country’s great tradition within the sport of boxing.

Abner Mares aged 29 and Leo Santa Cruz aged 27, are well in truly in their fighting primes and come into this weekend’s bout in decent form, to boot.

Santa Cruz will have a few inches of reach on Mares which is always an advantage at top level prize fighting, but only if a protagonist tends to keep it long and box at range.

Will this be one of those fights though? Probably not.

You’d have to think that at some point both men’s Mexican passion and pride will kick somewhere along the way, which should result in them standing toe to toe and throwing leather in a fan friendly manner, one would suspect.

If that’s the case, reach may not play such a key factor.

For me, this fight could boil down to who’s fought at the higher level in recent years.

Mares although he’s the smaller man, is the more established featherweight out of the two, with Santa Cruz very green to the weight having not long ago been WBC super-bantamweight champion.

There is a school of thought that says Santa Cruz has not fought at exactly the highest of levels in recent years (through no fault of his own) and that Mares has had things tougher, and faced the better competition.

This just gives the edge to Mares in my opinion, but only by the slightest of margins. Strap yourself in for what promises to be boxing carnage on Saturday night.

Prediction – Mares to win

(Image credit: Leo Santa Cruz Twitter)

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