Victor Ortiz Arrested For Assault, Released On Bail

Victor Ortiz Arrested For Assault

The folks at TMZ have reported that welterweight contender “Vicious” Victor Ortiz has had a bit of a brush with the law.


As per TMZ’s report, it has emerged that Victor Ortiz was arrested over this past weekend for assault with a deadly weapon at the Kenny Chesney music concert in Pasadena.

They went on to mention in their report that Ortiz and his brother were in attendance at the concert at the weekend. where a verbal altercation with another man broke out, subsequently leading to an escalation in the situation.

Police according to TMZ then arrested Ortiz and his brother at the concert, citing Ortiz’ foot as a deadly weapon given the fact he is a professional fighter.

They go on to then mention that Ortiz was released on $30,000 bail.

Of course, this is just all alleged speculation at this point according to TMZ, but nonetheless it will come as worrying news for a lot of Ortiz’s boxing fans who support him loyally.

Currently the story is developing and no doubt in the coming days the full picture will be clearer on what actually happened.

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