Spike would love winner of Lee vs Saunders

In an always genuine, colourful and interesting chat with the Cork middleweight, Cathal Jennings caught up with Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan recently in an open conversation that touched on fighters like Andy Lee, Billy Joe Saunders, Chris Eubank Jr, Carl Froch and more.


CJ“What do you think of Carl Froch’s decision to retire, could he have fought on against GGG or has he made the right choice?”

Spike“I think he has made the correct decision to retire. He was a warrior in his day but he could get beat badly by GGG or DeGale and I think he has made a bad decision becoming a pundit, as he will be hard to take seriously after his Mayweather interview.” 

CJ: “Your a friend of both Andy Lee and BJ Saunders, how do you think the fight will go and who do you think will come out on top?” 

Spike“I am good friends with both of the lads, it could be like DeGale v Dirrell two slick southpaws. I think BJS will win the early rounds and could go on to win on points but if he tire’s Andy could KO him.
Andy is a better boxer than he gets credit for and could also win on points. It’s a very tough fight to call, may the best man win.” 

CJ“Has there been any negotiations to get you on the undercard?” 

Spike: “Its a massive night for Irish Boxing and it’s only the 3rd outdoor fight in Ireland. It would be great to be part of it. Ideally I’d like an eliminator to fight the winner of Saunders v Lee. And yes there has been talks.”

CJ“Chris Eubank Jr says you turned down a fight with him but what is the truth between you guys and how do you feel about him?” 

Spike: “I think he’s an absolute p***k and a lying p***y. He’s a total phoney and will never be man enough to step into the ring with me.” 

CJ“You have a big following over in America, how has being on TV in the States helped your career?”

Spike: “I love America they’ve got a great attitude over there. My promoter Ken Casey is doing a great job getting me a lot of TV interviews and TV fights, building my fan base largely by having me out on stage at the Dropkick Murphy concerts, which is awesome.” 

CJ: “Surely you want the winner of the Lee v Saunders match?” 

Spike“Absolutely, a fight with Andy would be massive – first time ever 2 Irish men fought for a world title.
A fight with BJS would be great too. I could avenge my only defeat and win the world title on the same night, either would be fantastic.” 

CJ“After Jamie Conlon’s epic fight at the New Beginning show in Dublin do you think he is ready to face Paul Butler?” 

Spike“I think Jamie could fight anybody with the skills, toughness and heart he has. His last fight will live long in the memory of everyone that was there that night.” 

CJ“Frank Buglioni was due to face Chudinov for the world title, how has he been since the news broke that the Russian had pulled out, what has it been like sparring with him?” 

Spike: “Frank is a highly intelligent and very confident guy. It’s almost as if he is still fighting Chudinov, he hasn’t lost any focus. 
Sparring has been been great and he plans to return to training 2 weeks after this fight, so he is still continuing for Chudinov. I think he will become World Champion – Chudinov is in for a shock.” 

CJ“Would you be interested in a fight with Matthew Macklin perhaps on the undercard of Lee/ Saunders?” 

Spike: “I don’t have an opponent lined up for that night but I would gladly step into the ring with Matthew, I believe I would knock him out.” 

CJ“What does the next 12 months hold for you more fights in America, fighting in Ireland? Do you think you will have fought for a World Title or even be world champion by this time next year?” 

Spike“Well I’ve always said 2 things. I have gloves and will travel and you don’t get paid for overtime in this game, but I do also love fighting at home. I just love to fight and I’m willing to fight anyone, anywhere.”

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