Journeyman Special Feature: The Jon Lund Boxing Story

The Jon Lund Boxing Story

Jon Lund Boxing

Boxing isn’t just about the professional ranks, outside of the limelight on the world stage there is a boxing subculture – the twilight world of the semi pro fighters. It’s a culture of hard knocks, hard men, dedication and passion. One such fighter of this world is Jon Lund.


Never gave in

At 48 years old, many would be forgiven if they chose to hang up the gloves and finally exit the ring, forgoing the punches and punishment to take a well deserved break, but not for Jon Lund.

Southport boxer Lund, British Boxing Union’s Northern Area champion, has campaigned in many contests over the last few years, entering the ring normally to the sounds of laughter in a half-suppressed typically scornful way, and often against men 20 years his junior.

Despite these men been almost half his age, the laughter soon stops when the bell rings.

A father fighting his 18 year old son on his 50th birthday

At 48 Jon isn’t done yet, in fact he has a two year plan as it turns out. The plan is to fight on for another two years and then fight the most unlikely of opponents  of them all.

For his 50th birthday Jon is looking to hang up the gloves with a celebratory 50th fight, against non other than his own flesh an blood – his son George who will be 18 by the time fight night comes around.

It’s something you don’t hear about every day and it was only by chance whilst researching online, I stumbled across some fight footage posted by Jon himself on YouTube, which instantly grabbed my attention.

Intangible motivation 

One fight was particularly interesting, it was Jon Lunds 24th semi-pro outing against Allan Thompson in 2013.

The fight was billed as an exhibition bout. but was anything but. What surprised me was the passion, drive, the competitive nature and spirit and skill that both fighters displayed in the ring, it was quite breath taking for a semi pro contest.

This fight had a profound effect on me and I found myself asking the question, why would anyone put themselves though that level of pain, heartache, time and effort for such little reward?

But the answer is clear too see and it’s written on their faces when you look past the blood, sweat, pain and bruising. you can see an overwhelming love and pride for the sport.

In that moment, you really enter the world of a spirit that cannot be subdued or overcome, where courage and unconquerable will are the hallmark of the indomitable warrior, defining what boxers are all about as men.

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