End Of The Road For David Price?

End Of The Road For David Price?

End Of The Road For David Price

Last night’s devastating 2nd round knockout at the hands of Erkan Teper in Germany was something no one saw coming.


Although we mostly just report on the news here at Boxing News and Views, I must admit, when seeing David Price getting knocked out cold last night, I felt for the big guy.

Boxing perhaps was best summed up by a prominent sports journalist online last night when he said: “In boxing the highs are the highest and the lows underground and dark.”

Perhaps a never truer word was spoken. The sport can be a cruel beast at times, and for David Price last night, it was as low as it gets.

In truth, it looked like he just never got into the fight. He suffered a cut early on and didn’t look comfortable in there from the get go.

During a close up tussle in the second round, while David Price was stepping out of a clinch, Teper through a big left hook that exploded squarely on the chin of Price, knocking him out cold.

With all due respect to Teper, you’d have to think he’s a man Price should have been beating. I believe it could be a mental problem Price has in the ring, after suffering multiple defeats to an old Tony Thompson in years gone by.

Many will point the fingers then to mismanagement of his career during that time, but it’s easy to point, it’s the big fella who gets in there and fights at the end of the day.

He comes across as a very good guy who speaks well. I have no doubt he will have a bright career as a pundit, but as a top level heavyweight boxer – it’s really hard to see where he’ll go from here.

Never say never though. Here’s what happened last night:

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