Our Chat with Cruiserweight World Champion Marco Huck

Our Chat with Cruiserweight World Champion Marco Huck

cruiserweight world champion marco huck

Adam caught up with the the 30 year old world champion from Germany recently who touched on his new training camp, a possible move to heavyweight, travelling abroad to fight and what legacy in the sport means to him.


I’m aware you have changed training camp recently. Would you mind telling us more about this and why the change?

“After making the decision to sever ties with my former promoter I wanted to keep working with Ulli Wegner. That wasn’t possible though, as Sauerland refused to give Wegner permission to continue training with me.

So I started the process of looking for a new head coach and after having met a few all around the world, I decided to go with Don House. We are a great fit and I am looking forward to work with him.”

There were reports early this year you may be fighting Roy Jones Jr. Is this accurate? If so is the fight still an option?

“I said before that every possible fight is a real option. Roy Jones Jr. is one of my heroes in boxing. Therefore it would make it quite difficult for me to punch one of my idols in the face.”

You have enjoyed much success in Germany, do you have any aspirations to come to the UK to fight or the USA.

“Of course I do. Ever since I turned pro I had the desire to showcase my talent outside of Germany, especially the UK and US. So far from a financial point of view it made more sense to fight in Germany.A lot of the times the American fighters travel over here because they can make more money.

But now that I am fighting under my own promotional banner I will definitely travel to the states and show them what I am all about. And who knows, if they like what they see and want me to fight there again I might just move over there.”

Tony Bellew recently stated he would not travel to Germany to fight you, but would like to fight you in the UK. Does that appeal to you?

“I am a warrior, so it doesn’t really matter to me where I fight. People know me for being a passionate fighter and always giving it my all.

Hence I don’t care where the ring I have to enter is, Germany, England, America. It doesn’t concern me.”

Do you have your eye on unifying the Cruiserweight division? Or can we expect to see you moving up to Heavyweight?

“I want to move up to heavyweight, especially after having seen that bad excuse of a fight from Deontay Wilder. After having seen that, I would only use him as a build up fight. We would never be able to sell him as a main event here in Germany.

People always say that I talk a lot. But I deliver every time. Wilder on the other hand is just all talk. He is embarrassing. He looked bad against a guy who could hardly walk to the ring by himself.”

In a perfect World. Who and where would your next fight be?

“My next fight is against Glowacki. I’m not thinking about anything else.”

What do you want to achieve from the rest of your career?

“I want to be a true legend of the sport of boxing. I want people to mention my name in the same sentence as Ali, Tyson, Jones etc.

Those are the guys I look up to and one day I want the new generation of champions to look up to me.”

Other than you, who is the best talent in the Cruiserweight Division?

“I would have to think long and hard to come up with a name.”

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