Is Khan too focused on Mayweather?

Is Khan too focused on Mayweather?

Khan too focused on Mayweather

Khan is due to fight Algieri this weekend. You wouldn’t be alone in not knowing this, as all he has talked about is Mayweather and the possibility of fighting him recently.


For sometime, Khan has constantly gone on about fighting Mayweather and that he is the only fighter at 147 pounds who can cause Mayweather all the supposed troubles that will eventually lead to him being 48-1, and again for the past month he has constantly talk about it.

The only problem this time is he is due to fight another good fighter, that I believe he is underestimating (again) and runs the danger of being put on his back (again). If you remember back to the last time he did this, Danny Garcia destroyed him in 3 rounds and Lamont Peterson took the win (regardless of what happened with the supposed score card incident).

Now, I don’t believe that Algieri can knockout Khan, but it still doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Khan – especially if he doesn’t have his mind on the game.

For most fight fans in Britain Algieri isn’t a huge name, but he is a good fighter that has a never die attitude. He climbed off the canvas (with the worst closed eye I’ve seen) to win the WBO title (in style) against Provodnikov.

His only loss came again Pacquiao (which is no shame), but again showing massive heart and getting up 3 times (most fighters would of stayed down).

I believe for Khan to force Mayweathers hand will need to win in style against Algieri, with a knockout. I’m concerned that Khan has been to focused on the Mayweather fight and not on the guy who’ll be in front of him this Saturday.

I hope that when fight time comes in the Barclays centre that I am totally wrong and another British fighter gets the victory.

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