Lee Redpath Boxer Profile & Interview Ahead of Paul O’Brien Fight

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By Niall Doran

DBB caught up with popular Scottish welterweight Lee Redpath (1-0) ahead of his clash with Paul O’Brien this Friday night in
Fauldhouse, Scotland.

Our interview resulted in an interesting Lee Redpath boxer profile, when Lee spoke about different areas in the game, giving an insightful perspective into what it is like for a new professional fighter finding his way on the circuit.

The Edinburgh native turned professional late last year and the 32 year old southpaw will be looking to double his tally of victories in the professional ranks on Friday.

How are preparations going for your fight and how do you find juggling the training and working together?

“Preparations for my upcoming fight are going well, I follow a strict training schedule which is geared for me to
peak at the right time. Work-wise, I do not have any outside work commitments as I am full-time as a professional boxer.”

Since turning pro, what improvements do you feel your trainer has brought to your game so far?

“Coming from an amateur background and not having a personal coach/trainer, I guess I picked up few bad habits
that just needed to be fine-tuned. On working with my coach, he didn’t try to change my style, he only made a few minor adjustments.”

What were some of the biggest transitions and differences you felt when turning over to becoming a professional boxer?

“The transitional changes for me were quite straight forward, before turning pro I had meetings with my coach in which he outlined the life changes and sacrifices that I would have to undertake in order to succeed in this business, so I knew what to expect – diet changes, rest patterns and so on.”

If you were to pick just one, what do you feel is your best strength as a fighter?

“I feel my biggest strength is my speed.”

From a promotional point of view since signing with Prospect Boxing Promotions, how have you found them to work with so far?

“I find from a promotional point that my promoter, Paul Graham works very hard in order to get me fights and publicizes each bout tirelessly.”

Your next opponent has shared the ring with Midlands Area light-welterweight challenger Josh McLaren, how do you rate him as a fighter and what problems, if any, do you see him presenting?

“My opponent has got some experience but myself and my coach see weaknesses that we can exploit.”

Without looking past February 27th, what are your ambitions for the rest of the year in and outside of the ring?

“To keep busy in and out of the ring, racking up a few wins on the way, you never know were it might lead. I’m not saying I’m going to be the next big thing but you just never know in this game.”

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