Brandon Rios Destroys Mike Alvarado In Three

brandon rios destroys mike alvarado


By Peter Wells

Boxing can be tough enough as it is, without a fighter making things harder for themselves. So when Mike Alvarado allowed outside the ring troubles come ahead of his training for a third fight in the gruelling trilogy with Brandon Rios, in hindsight it was always going to be a hard night.


Denver was left aghast as their home fighter failed to turn up, losing in 3 hard to watch rounds. Alvarado was pulled out the contest after the doctor consulted him about his right eye which was beginning to close, Alvarado had been dropped in the 3rd round of a sadly one-sided bout.

Whatever troubles have befell Alvarado, he must address them first before making a return to boxing. He acknowledged the blame for not being prepared for such a big fight, but those around him must also take some responsibility, and we as boxing fans can only hope that Alvarado is of that opinion too.


Brandon Rios, who looked sensational in taking Alvarado apart, will be disappointed himself, although he didn’t show it in the interview post-fight. Rios will get little credit for his performance thanks to Alvarado being so ill-prepared.

Rios ripped a retreating Alvarado early, wobbling him on numerous occasions with solid jabs and jolting right uppercuts. Alvarado evidently had no game plan to repeat the victory in their 2nd contest.

After hitting the canvas from a culmination of punches near the end of the 3rd Alvarado decided on one final stand, giving as good as he got in terms of volume if not quality. Alvarado would not be allowed out to start the 4th round.

The victor will have another chance at the top level in the welterweight division, and will have to continue to show this killer instinct to contend with the elite at 147 lbs, not including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Fingers crossed Alvarado ensures he makes those lifestyle changes, because boxing wants to see him back, the real Mike Alvarado back.

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