Muhammad Ali Selfie – Champ Well And In Good Spirits

Muhammad Ali Selfie

muhammad ali selfie

By Niall Doran


It was fantastic to see Muhammad Ali recently set up a brand new Instagram account and post his first ever selfie to quash recent speculation that his health was severely in jeopardy and that he was close to death. His photo shows that those rumors couldn’t be anything further from the truth, as he posed with that familiar mischievous and famous smile, that lit up the world for so many years and touched millions of hearts across our planet.

Although I wasn’t alive myself during Muhammad’s legendary run in boxing, like most fight fans I’ve watched all his big fights on tape and on YouTube. To this day his performances, achievements, what he stood for outside the ring and how he transcended a sport makes him still arguably the greatest sports man of all time. A very special human being who brought about genuine, positive change in the world.


It doesn’t surprise me he is still in good spirits, as that’s how the man was and always will be. I once remember hearing legendary trainer Cus D’Amato speak to his fighters as to why Muhammad Ali was the best fighter of his generation and why he was the greatest. It was quite simple, he believed in himself more than anyone else did. That unflappable belief could never be shaken by anyone in boxing or in life. Ali could have the whole world go against him but he’d still believe in himself no matter what the situation was or what people thought.

Perhaps this special man’s mental make up should act as a lesson for us all in life, throughout the inevitable trials and tribulations we all will experience at some point in our time on this Earth. No matter what, if you genuinely believe in what you’re doing, are prepared to put in the work to get where you wan’t ago and do it with a smile on your face – impossible is nothing. At least that’s what Ali’s amazing life taught me anyway.


In closing, here’s a short clip of the great man speaking to a reporter years ago that is still every bit of a gem that I’m sure it was at the time. When asked “What would you like people to think of you when you’ve gone?”, he simply replied:

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