Mayweather vs Maidana Rematch Likely Next For Money?

Mayweather vs Maidana Rematch Likely Next

By Niall Doran

Mayweather vs Maidana Rematch Likely Next?

What a weekend of big time boxing in Vegas just gone! It was almost refreshing to see Floyd involved in a competitive fight for the first time probably since the Oscar bout. Maidana’s rough house tactics really worked a treat for him, pinning Mayweather on the ropes consistently. A lot of people are saying Mayweather could have gotten old over night, I’m not sure about that argument to be honest. I just think he didn’t look himself (for what could be well the outside the ring reasons that were muted fight week).

Is the rematch likely next up? I tend to think so. There will be likely enough demand in the States and with Amir Khan not being able to fight in September (which is when Money likes to fight) I can’t see him being accommodated with a shot until possibly next May 2015 by Mayweather.

Mayweather vs Khan Down The Line Could Be Interesting

Personally I’d love to see a Mayweather vs Khan fight sooner rather that later but with Amir Khan not being able to get ready for September due to Ramadan, it probably won’t happen until May 2015 at the earliest in all honesty. Unless for some reason Khan decided not to go to Ramadan or Mayweather agreed to fight him later in the year in October/November. Both scenarios seem unlikely.

If Mayweather is slowing down a touch, Khan certainly has the speed of hand and foot to pose some very interesting questions for Money, at least for the first half of the fight. I can see him possibly winning some rounds early on but once Mayweather figures him out I tend to feel the superior boxing IQ of Mayweather would overwhelm Khan. Still though, would love to see the fight happen!

Or (God Forbid) A Long Awaited Showdown With Mayweather And Pacquiao?

When you really look at the welterweight landscape at the moment, Floyd is starting to run out of opponents. If the Maidana rematch doesn’t happen and Khan is unavailable for September, who really is left out there to fight? For me the only fight that would make sense commercially at this stage is a fight with Pacquiao.

I can’t see a fight between Mayweather and Tim Bradley happening after Bradley losing to Pacman and a fight like Mayweather vs Porter really isn’t going to sell tickets either. Could this be the magic year when we finally get to see Mayweather vs Pacquiao? Who knows! One thing’s for sure, if Manny wasn’t confident before he certainly will be now after seeing Mayweather endude arguably his toughest fight to date last weekend.

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