David Haye Pulls Out Of Fight With Tyson Fury Yet Again

David Haye Pulls Out Of Fight With Tyson Fury Yet Again

By Niall Doran

When I head the words on Facebook last night that – David Haye pulls out of fight with Tyson Fury again, my heart sank to be honest. This is the 2nd time myself and a buddy will lose out on the majority of our flight money from Ireland, more than likely our hotel money and am unsure about the fight ticket as of yet as we bought from a third party reseller site and not direct from the ticket distributor. I have a few important things to sort out this week so won’t have a chance to look into everything until late Thursday or Friday, but suffice to say I am gutted.

Fair enough, legitimate injuries do happen and judging by the picture above Haye looks to have really done a job on his shoulder and bicep. But after reading the official press statement last night released on his website there were two parts that I found rather interesting “Haye underwent five hours of surgery in Germany on Thursday morning (14 November)” and a quote from Haye himself “I genuinely believed the shoulder injury wasn’t that bad. But the doctor sent me for a detailed MRI scan and within 24 hours I was told the full extent of the damage”.

These lines lead me to ask the question how long did he know he was carrying this shoulder injury as in his own words he didn’t believe it was “that bad” and the date of the surgery could suggest he knew about it for a while? Sure in boxing fights get called off and bad luck does happen, Kell Book and Devon Alexander last year springs to mind. But I think when a fight of this magnitude that is on pay per view, had sold out so fast and created such huge interest, to be called off by an athlete pulling out twice due to injury, just leaves a bad taste in fight fans mouths.

I have sung the praises of David Haye for years, backed him up when people called him arrogant, praised his coach Adam Booth, etc. But this whole thing has left me wondering about him if I am quite honest. In the statement it says he has been advised to retire due to the extent of the injury and after listening to Adam Smith on Sky last night who spoke with his trainer Adam Booth, this indeed could be the likely route for him. However if Haye were to come back in 6 months time and miraculously fight someone like Vitali Klitschko for example, I think fight fans could lose even more respect for him.

I think he’ll lose some credibility with genuine boxing fans after this to be honest but at the same time I hope his injury is not career threatening, as no boxer deserves to hear that. He has also given us fight fans some tremendous entertainment over the years and to be fair to the man, has had a great career. Ya win some ya lose some I guess.

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