Haye v Fury Date Rescheduled to Feb 8: A Week on from the Anti-Climax

Haye v Fury Date Rescheduled to Feb 8: A Week on from the Anti-Climax

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By Niall Doran

We are just over a week on now from a fight that everyone in the UK and Ireland was looking forward to but alas, did not take place due to one of the participants suffering a cut eye in sparring just a week before the main event.

I did not write anything on this epic let down up until now, because quite frankly, I was too gutted to. I still have my tickets for the rescheduled date in Manchester which has been pencilled in for Feb 8th, but myself and a friend did lose out on the majority of our flight money from Ireland to Manchester and did not end up going to Manchester in the end at all.

I have read a lot of talk on Twitter almost insinuating that the cut suffered by Haye was in some way not genuine… Trust me, there is was no one more gutted that the fight didn’t happen other me, but seriously, to say that a fighter in some way cut himself on purpose to have a fight called off is just stupid.

A lot of fighters do spare a week out from the fight also, which is nothing new in professional boxing. These things unfortunately happen in the sport from time to tome and is choker when they do for everyone concerned – fans, the athletes, their camps, etc.

On the bright side of things it was great to see the re-scheduling of the fight sorted out so fast within two days of the news of Haye’s cut, and the new date of Feb 8th 2014 being announced with tickets originally purchased still valid for this date.

I would imagine the fight is going to be bigger than ever now from a commercial standpoint and you can already see the trash talk between the two fighters start to ramp up which should add considerably to the new promotion of the fight.

I will be heading over and re booking flights and accommodation again, all I can say is – I bloody hope it happens!

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