Mayweather Beats Canelo Easily Over 12 Rounds

Mayweather Beats Canelo Easily Over 12 Rounds – Post Fight Analysis

Mayweather Beats Canelo Easily Over 12 Rounds

By Peter Wells

Well there you have it, after all the speculation all the hype, in the end Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr is still ‘The One’; he truly is this era’s greatest fighter. The reign is far from over and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is far off being the man to take Mayweather off his pedestal. All the talk before hand and yet again Floyd’s opposite number could not find the blueprint to beat him; as of yet there just isn’t a blueprint out there.

Although Floyd – now 45-0(26) – dominated the fight in a similar fashion to the way he picked apart Robert Guerrero, the fight was sadly scored as a majority decision. The scorecard of 117-111 is understandable while 116-112 seemed a stretch but the joke of a judge CJ Ross inexplicably scored the bout 114-114. Not the first time that Ross has handed in a card that goes against all logic, she was one of the judges to score the Timothy Bradley-Manny Pacquiao fight in favour of Bradley. It’s about time that more judges are banned, thankfully this incompetence didn’t cost a fighter the win but it does diminish what was a one-sided victory for Floyd.

So atrocious judging aside the fight looked a formality early on, Floyd dominating in every department. Many expected Alvarez – who drops to 42-1-1(30) – to keep his hands busy and close Floyd down, trapping him on the ropes, but the Mexican did neither, instead opting to stand off Floyd, throwing very little while allowing the pound-for-pound king to pick him apart with pin-point accuracy from the centre of the ring.

Floyd outworked Alvarez over the first 6 rounds, picking him apart with right hands, left hooks, catching his fellow unbeaten fighter with solid and hurtful shots. Alvarez’s shots were far too laboured for the speed of Mayweather, who took the most powerful shots nicely on the left arm, or slipped away to leave them striking nothing but thin air.

In the second half of the contest Floyd’s dominance became more apparent, the right hands he landed at a canter were scintillating, by the 9th the result was a foregone conclusion, it was all about admiring the artistry of Mayweather. Everyone watching was in awe, admiring every punch. Floyd was several levels above and was beginning to take Canelo to school, class was in session.

Whenever Alvarez upped the ante, Floyd switched up a gear himself; leaving Alvarez looked crude and very average throughout the contest. In the final round, Floyd took to the back foot refusing to take any risks, Alvarez needing a knockout was an understatement, he needed a miracle.

The 12th and final round was the only stanza I managed to score to Alvarez. When it was announced as a majority decision there was shock around the whole arena as boos rang out, it sounded that even the large Mexican contingent were disgusted at the fact that one judge could score the bout even. They may have been 110% behind Alvarez but like all fight fans they were in awe of the master class that Floyd put on, at the end of the day they are boxing fans and last night was boxing at its best.

So Alvarez wasn’t the man, but credit Mayweather, fans were calling out for this contest and he took it just 4 months after his last outing. Floyd yet again proved that he is the greatest fighter of his era, and that is no mean feat. There is no doubt at all that Floyd Mayweather Jr is an all-time great. The question is whose next?

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