Mike Tyson Confessions – Iron Mike’s Recent Media Comments

Mike Tyson Confessions – Iron Mike’s Recent Media Comments

Mike Tyson Confessions - Iron Mike's Recent Media Comments

By Niall Doran

It was to my surprise recently when I heard the comments and confessions that Iron Mike came out with to the media, shortly following on from a post fight presser for his promotional event a couple of weeks back.

I had the privilege to meet Mike last year in Limerick when he was on tour to the UK and Ireland. I got the impression when I met him, shook his hand and briefly exchanged some words, that he seemed a man to be much more at peace than what I had seen online and TV in recent years.

It was with a tinge of sadness that I then heard him saying recently that he was still a “vicious alcoholic” and that in fact he had not been sober and clean the last few years that he had people believe, in fact he was using and still drinking.

When you think about it, it does take some serious “cojones” and “bottle” and intestinal fortitude to announce things like that to the world’s media, and essentially put your hands up saying that you have lied to everyone. Mike Tyson, for me has always been a courageous guy in and out of the ring, so it doesn’t really surprise me that he would be brave enough to admit his problems. The guy is like an open book, a fascinating character. I think this is what draws a lot of people’s interest to him, and why today the collective global media still are interested in reporting on him.

He did say at the end of the conference that he was now (at that time) 6 days clean and sober, and you could almost hear the pain in his voice when he said he will never use again. I tend to believe him and hope this to be true, as the world of boxing has lost a lot of good people in recent years. He still has a lot to live for, no matter what’s going on in his head. He is a global icon, has a great family, already an accomplished actor after the Hangover, and now has his first promotional venture within boxing up and running. The knowledge he could pass on to the next generation of young fighters is quite simply invaluable.

I hope these recent Mike Tyson confessions are something this great champion will use as a positive driving force to feeling well again soon. Here’s to Mike getting back on track soon, and becoming one of the top boxing promoters in America some day.

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