A Steve Collins Roy Jones Fight – Will it happen in 2013?

A Steve Collins Roy Jones Fight – Will it happen in 2013? Niall Doran takes a look at the current situation further to see is this just a rumour or reality

By Niall Doran

I’ve been closely following this story in recent months and weeks and it seems at the moment to be getting closer to becoming a reality, slowly but surely.

I’ve always felt Steve Collins has never quiet got the credit he deserved for his boxing career. He beat arguably two of the best super middleweights ever produced in England in the form of Nigel Benn & Chris Eubank, not only once, but twice each!

Although this potential fight with Roy Jones if it takes place will pit Collins in a ring for the first time in over 15 years, (which concerned me at the start) I now feel Steve having recently completed all the relevant medical exams and hearing him speak face to face to Roy Jones a couple of weeks ago on Sky – that he is doing it for all the right reasons and not for the money like some cynics have suggested.

If it is to happen I am led to believe the main obstacle in the way at this point is finding someone to promote it and to pull everything together in terms of a venue, television deal, marketing, etc. Steve has said in a recent interview there has been significant interest in recent weeks and that he will be meeting with potential promoters in the coming week or so. It would certainly sell because of the names of the two fighters, all be it way past their primes.

In terms of the actual fight itself Steve has gone on record to say recently that he will be looking to knock Roy Jones out and has no interest in going the distance. I think when you look at the amount Roy Jones has deteriorated in recent years, and specifically the number of times he has been knocked unconscious, Steve could be onto something.

Steve Collins make no mistake about it is a clever and savvy individual outside the ring, he always was. I reckon Steve in recent years spotted gaping holes in Roy Jones that he could exploit, even at his current ripe old age of 48. Bear in mind also that Roy Jones is 44, and Collins unlike Jones has never been knocked out and is renowned for having one of the best chins in boxing history. All those years out of the ring for Steve would have given him and opportunity to rest, and as a man who works daily on his farm, would have always kept a reasonable level of fitness.

Even at both of their advanced ages I think it could be entertaining and I honestly think Steve Collins would knock Roy out at the point. I would watch it as I’ve always been a massive fan of the Celtic Warrior and I think one last fight against a man who he so desperately tried to fight over a decade ago, could not only solidify his legacy in Irish boxing history as our best fighter ever, but also give him peace of mind and the opportunity to close that chapter in his life and the constant questions of what would of happened if he had fought Roy Jones all those years ago…

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