Warriors Call: Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler – My Fight Preview

Warriors Call: Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler – Doran’s Boxing Blog’s Official Fight Preview

By Niall Doran

Oh yes, the fight we boxing fans have all been waiting for is almost upon us. Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler – two modern day gladiators will do battle tomorrow evening at the O2 Arena in London when these two take center stage in front of the onlooking boxing world. Sure there is world titles on the line, but do they even matter? This fight transcends all titles, all belts, if you ask me. Here we have two men who truly give meaning to the word ‘warrior’. Two men who will literally put it all on the line, leave it all in the ring. It’s very rare that you see a fight between two primed boxers with exciting styles, granite chins, big punchers, massive hearts, off the charts stamina and a genuine willingness to stand toe to toe and trade blows with one another. This fight could be very special indeed.

Going into the fight the first thing I weigh up is – form. Both men fair well in this category but I would certainly give the edge to ‘The Cobra’. Mikkel Kessler has had a good string of wins with names like Brian Magee and Allan Green but he has only fought three times over the last three years. When you compare the caliber of opponent Carl Froch has faced and how regularly he has faced them, there is almost no comparison. In the same three years Froch has fought five times and has gone more rounds, with elite level fighters like Arthur Abraham, Glen Johnson, Andre Ward & Lucian Bute. You would have to think because of the higher level of competition and more rounds Froch has boxed in recent times could prove to be a distinct advantage for the man from Nottingham.

Another factor you would have to factor in is home support. Carl Froch has never lost when fighting in England and the 18,000 that are expected at the O2 could prove to be an intimidating atmosphere even for a man as experienced as Mikkel Kessler. In particular this massive support that Froch will have could play a key part in driving him on if the fight goes to the championship rounds of 8-12, which in all honesty it probably will.

Stylistically both fighters can box and might feel each other out a little for the first round or two, but at their core when punches start landing I expect they will revert to what they do best, which is fighting. I always think when it comes to rematches the guy who lost the first fight always has a slight advantage as he knows what he has to put right where he went wrong the first time. Where as the guy who won invariably might take his foot of the gas, even subconsciously not knowing he is, as he knows he has beaten the guy before.

I think for me everything is pointing to a Froch win. He’s got the support, motivated by revenge and is riding the crest of a wave with his career. Kessler by all means has a great chance however, and after getting incredible sparring with the likes of Nathan Cleverly and George Groves in recent weeks – will be razor sharp. Froch also has had some top notch sparring and reportedly only a few days ago went a full 10 rounds with Tony Bellew with the gym doors closed off to the public. The result of this incredible level of sparring for both fighters will surely have both of them at their very best tomorrow.

A very hard call, a genuine 50/50 fight. But for me everything points in the direction of the Cobra.

My prediction for Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler – Froch by TKO between rounds 10-12 in what will be the fight of the year.

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