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By Niall Doran

Below are some classic battles that fight fans might enjoy looking up online sometime:

  • Marco Antonio Barrera v Erik Morales 1 (Feb 19 2000, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas) 
  • Arturo Gatti v Mickey Ward 1 (May 18 2002, Mohegan Casino, Connecticut) 
  • Diego Corrales v Jose Luis Castillo 1 (May 7 2005, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas) 
  • Muhammad Ali v Joe Frazier “The Thrilla in Manila” (October 1 1975, Quezon City, Philippines) 
  • Marvin Hagler v Thomas Hearns (April 15 1985, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas)
  •  Chris Eubank v Nigel Benn 1 (Nov 18 1990, Birmingham, UK)
  •  Jack Dempsey v Luis Angel Firpo (Sept 14 1923, Polo Grounds, New York)
  • Joe Louis v Billy Conn (June 18 1941, Polo Grounds, New York) 
  • Julio Cesar Chavez v Meldrick Taylor (March 17 1990, Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas) 
  • Sugar Ray Leonard v Thomas Hearns (Sept 16 1981, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas) 
  • Sugar Ray Leonard v Marvin Hagler (April 6 1987, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas) 
  • Aaron Pryor v Alexis Arguello (Nov 12 1982, Orange Bowl, Miami Florida) 
  • Muhammad Ali v George Foreman “The Rumble in the Jungle” (October 30 1974, Kinshasa, Zaire)

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