Steve Collins – A Forgotten Irish Boxing Hero

Steve Collins

steve collins

By Niall Doran

It still baffles me how this man doesn’t get anywhere near the respect he deserves, both in mainstream media and in the country where he has from – Ireland. I am not saying he doesn’t get any credit at all, but for a man who achieved what he did I think he should be regarded as one of the country’s greatest ever sportsmen.

Think about it Steve Collins beat the two best ever super-middleweights produced in England, in Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank. Not only did he beat both of them but he did it twice to each of them! That fact alone in my estimation puts him up there certainly as the best ever Irish boxer, hands down. Yet you never really hear anything anymore about Steve. Maybe the odd article here and there but it’s almost like he has been forgotten about.

You always here about the likes of Barry McGuigan and Bernard Dunne in the news from time to time. Don’t get me wrong the two of those men were absolutely brilliant fighters and great Irish ambassadors for the sport, who deserve every single bit of credit they get. However I just feel that Steve Collins did so much more than not only them but any Irish boxer in history. He had a glorious career becoming two weight world champion at middleweight and super-middleweight and the man beat England’s two best ever super-middleweights, two men who are regarded as some of the best in British boxing history, it just doesn’t make sense to me…

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