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write for us at boxing news and views

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Love boxing? So do we.

Boxing News and Views is a digital boxing magazine for fight fans around the world.

As human beings no matter who you are, what country you’re from or what you do, hand to hand combat is in our primal DNA since the start of time.

As spectators we get it and we like it.

The school of thought is no matter if you’re a boxer, trainer, writer, ex-fighter, manager, promoter, referee, cut man, or an articulate fan, we are all united as fans by an unequivocal love for a sport that has transcended generations in human history.

Boxing News and Views © 2017 was founded by Irishman Niall Doran on April 7th, 2015 with the sole aim of becoming a platform that empowers the world fight community by giving them a voice to directly shape the boxing news themselves - as well as providing balanced daily news for world fight fans by the full-time Boxing News and Views team.

Simply put, we are boxing news and views for fight fans - by fight fans.

(Boxing News and Views - For Fight Fans By Fight Fans © 2017. All Rights Reserved.)


At the Mayweather Boxing Club (Christmas Period 2016)

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Fighter of the Year Awards

write for us at boxing news and views

On The Discovery Channel In Our First Year As A Publication


Our Founder Niall’s HuffPost Live chat with Evander Holyfield

Opportunities We Provide Our International Contributing Team

Since starting from humble beginnings as an idea worked on from Ireland in 2015, we have worked tirelessly in a short time span to build up our platform for both our contributing team and passionate readers.

Outside of the dedicated full-time team that keeps Boxing News and Views going on a day to day basis, we take great pride in providing the following opportunities to our international contributing team from all over the world - and will continue to do so for the immediate future:

(Note: All content submitted is subject to editorial and quality review by the Boxing News and Views team)

write for us at boxing news and views

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