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Welterweight Prospect Sajid Abid Sings New Manager’s Praises

Sajid Abid

Welterweight Sajid Abid has claimed that signing with Southern-based manager Steve Goodwin could be the best decision with of his career.

The 24-year-old currently sits with an immaculate record of six wins from six fights and is currently trained by Kevin Campion with his uncle assisting.

He admits that his career started slower than expected with him having just three fights in three years.

However, he admits that after a friend recommended Goodwin – despite being based in Leighton Buzzard – it was a no brainer for the unbeaten prospect.

“My career started really slow, I had three fights in three years but if I am honest I have only really taken the last year as the actual start,” he said.

“After I had a chat with my Uncle, he really showed me the importance of having a professional mindset and having a manager that you can trust.

“I needed someone who has my best interests at heart even if that means telling me things I didn’t necessarily know or want to hear!

“I had a friend who was being managed by Steve and they couldn’t praise him enough.

“We were originally looking at managers a little closer to Derby but we just kept hearing good things about him.

“Steve was kind enough to meet us at his office, he seemed the exact type of manager we needed.

“The meeting went very well, they were very honest and clear but most of all it just felt right. 12 months on, I think it’s the best decision I have ever made in boxing.”