Watch: Very Scary Knockout at JD NXTGEN Show

The latest instalment of JD NXTGEN from York Hall provided one of the more worrying KO’s in recent memory tonight.

Eighteen year old William Webber was matched against a powerful-looking Isah Israel, who at 27 was making his pro debut:

Webber boxed well from the outset, keeping his distance, wary of the power of the unknown Israel. But he also wasn’t afraid to stand and trade with his opponent. Which would end up being his downfall.

He was dropped heavily at the end of round two, having been landing the smoother, cleaner shots throughout the round up until that point.

The next round Israel went looking for the kill, but Webber resisted well, landing some heavy shots of his own. Both men looked a little wobbly as the round went on, Israel perhaps having gassed himself out.

But Webber was clipped high on the head turning his legs to jelly. He actually touched down but the referee let the action continue, leaving a defenceless Webber to take a monster shot.

An oxygen mask was administered immediately but Webber soon found himself to his feet again to the applause of the relieved crowd.

Israel would later admit that his parents had no idea he was a boxer. With such an entertaining pro debut I’m sure they do now.

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