Luis Pantera Nery – From Challenger To Champion

Luis Pantera Nery is an example of all the great things about the sweet science personified by his title winning performance this week.

From sacrifice, determination, will power and desire. These are the traits that paves the road to going from challenger to champion.

This week extremely early in the morning (depending on where you live) we saw something spectacular happen. Yamanaka vs Nery, a delight for hardcore boxing fans.

Normally the lower weight division fighters aren’t talked about – but this fight seemed a bit different.

The fact that Yamanaka, the WBC & Ring lineal champion was making his 13th title defence first off was one thing. Also, the fact that this fight was taking place in Japan in front of a completely bias crowd was a bit off.

Maybe it was the fact that Nery who comes from Tijuana, Mexico was looking to follow in the footsteps off all time great Erick Morales, or it could have possibly been the fact that Nery has been leaving carnage and wreckage in his wake everywhere lately.

Quite possibly it was the story line of what we love to see in boxing too from time to time – the old lion vs the young.

This fight gave us everything we wanted and lived up to the hype. Both men wanted it badly.

You could tell that both men were well aware of how dangerous the other was too, but Nery knew the time was now.

He didn’t want to live in the world of “what if” that drives all fighters crazy when they don’t show up in the biggest moment of their lives.

The fact that social media at that particular hour was up talking about this fight shows there is a new force in the bantamweight division.

Remember it. His name is Luis Pantera Nery.