Luis Nery Mauls Yamanaka – Claims WBC Title (Highlights)

If you don’t know the name Luis Nery remember it, he’s a man on the rise in a big way in world boxing following a win in Japan this week.

During a period of time in which fights with the magnitude of Crawford vs Indongo are seemingly passing under the radar of many, it’s understandable that even more impressive bouts are slipping through the net of the boxing faithful.

While the eyes of the world sit firmly on the Mega fight that is MayMac there was somewhat of an upset on the other side of the planet this past week in Japan.

Reigning WBC Bantamweight Champion Shinsuke Yamanaka was previously undefeated, and looking mightily impressive, being ranked at the number 10 spot in Ring Magazine’s coveted P4P list. That was until he came face to face with a young Mexican powerhouse by the name of Luis Nery.

On paper it looked as though the clear advantage in skill lay with the champion and he displayed it as such landing numerous sharp jabs in the opening couple of rounds.

Despite his showing of classy punching ability, however,  he always looked troubled whenever Nery chose to unload.

This uneasy feeling came to a head in round four when Nery slammed his foot  defiantly on the gas and began to throw bombs with the force of a freight train.

The defiant champion Yamanaka,  displaying the warrior spirit the Japanese are known for, never stopped throwing back through the onslaught but was pulled out by his corner mid-round (rightly so) having taken some considerably heavy punishment.

He seemed to recover quickly enough but looked mellow sat in his corner, heartbroken at the loss of his titles.

With this victory Nery claimed both the WBC and ring magazine belts.

If youre looking for an escape from the Mayweather Mcgregor mania the fight was as furious as it was entertaining while it lasted and is well worth a watch:

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