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Kambosos and Balls set for all Aussie lightweight showdown

Former champion Billy Dib gives his thoughts on a highly anticipated fight on Joseph Parker’s undercard this weekend.

This Saturday, Kiwi heavyweight sensation Joseph Parker will defend his WBO heavyweight title with a late change of opponent but the southern hemisphere will also play host to another big match up this weekend too.

The hype around the main event has been somewhat subdued, however there is one fight that has everybody in Australian Boxing sitting up to take notice and that is the all-Aussie showdown between two of the country’s most exciting prospects in George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos and ‘Golden Boy’ Qamil Balla.

The 2 undefeated lightweights hold very similar records with both boasting 11-0 records over some tough opposition, as well as strong amateur careers.

The fight on Saturday is being billed by many as a chance for one of them to break out and cement themselves as the next big thing in the lightweight division.

Having caught up with both fighters this week, confidence seems high in both camps.

Qamil, having sparred a few rounds in the last few weeks with former World Champion, Billy Dib is more than happy with the way camp has gone and is confident he has the keys to hand the outspoken Kambosos his first ever professional defeat:

“His style doesn’t bother me, he’s more of a counter-puncher and that suits me just fine. With me I have a number of styles so whatever happens on the night I can bring it, I can adjust and I think that’s going to be his downfall – he only has one pace.”

Kambosos, on the other hand is confident he is more than Balla’s match and is under no illusion on how the fight will go this Saturday:

“Come Saturday I’m going to show him the difference between a real champion and an Interim Champion. I’m not just one level above him, I’m 100 levels above him, he’s nowhere near my level and he’s going to find that out the hard way. Just like Ogilvie did, just like De Los Reyes did, just like Gonzalez did – and all these guys. He’s going to quit, he’s going to find out in round 1, round 2 that it’s two different levels.”

With both fighters coming in fully confident they have done all they can to prepare, expect fireworks from this pair.

Both have had some top preparation with Kambosos spending time in the states sparring the likes of Ray Beltran, Balla has stayed closer to home and has been working diligently on his game plan for what he sees as his springboard fight.

“I let my hands do the talking and my opponent is the big mouth out of the 2 of us, I’m just totally 100% focussed on the fight.”

Kambosos, as one would expect, sees things rather differently:

“On May 6th everyone will saw ‘Wow, this kid has gone to another level and he is the best in Australia.” 

Whatever happens on Saturday night, somebody’s ‘0’ has got to go and given the simmering rivalry between the two camps as the fight draws closer and the unnerving confidence from both camps.

Fight fans are in for a treat when these 2 undefeated prospects come face to face in Auckland on Saturday night.