Anthony Joshua Fight Predictions Ahead Of Klitschko Showdown

Anthony Joshua fight predictions ahead of one of the biggest fights in world boxing tonight that takes place at Wembley stadium in London.

If you are not one of the lucky 90,000 to already have a ticket for the big fight this weekend at Wembley you will have to make do with watching what could be a pivotal moment in the modern landscape of the heavyweight division at home.

Is it possible that Wladimir Klitschko can turn back the hands of time and resurrect and re-establish himself as the #1 fighter in the division once again against the younger fighter?

Joshua is the clear favourite with the bookmakers (and many pundits and fans) to continue his unbeaten run and possibly retire a boxer who’s name has been synonymous within the division for the last decade.

Anthony Joshua has vowed to beat Wladimir Klitschko and take ‘another step towards greatness’. We have asked a collection of fans their respective views and Anthony Joshua fight predictions ahead of his Klitschko showdown tonight.

Deven Ledford, USA .

I don’t see Wlad being able to set up the straight right with the stiff jab the way he used to in the past. Joshua’s head movement (not the best) will be enough to render the jab useless.

I just can’t see Klitsschko being able to summon up the old stuff to keep the young lion at bay. This fight should be the classic case of crowning the new king, or the passing of the torch!

Gavin O’Connor, Co-Founder of Neds Boxing Emporium and author at Boxing News and Views, UK.

If Klitschko can turn back the clock and pole axe the younger man with his jab for 12 rounds I and many other fans would be amazed.

I think Klitschko could possibly re-establish his jab affectively for the first 3 rounds but after that A.J will then start to slip the jabs and counter with right uppercuts and the left cross, rendering the jab more and more redundant the longer the fight continues.

Look for Klitschko to take Joshua the distance as a professional for the first time but will pay a heavy price for doing so.

Dmitry Sukhotskiy Professional Boxer and Co-Founder at Neds Boxing Emporium, Russia.

AJ will be to fast for Wlad. Wladimir has picked the wrong guy at the wrong time. Timing kills speed and it seems like Klitschko’s timing is off.

Wlad picked the wrong guy. It’s AJ’s time now.

Chris Mealy, USA.  

Although I’ve been a fan of both Klitschkos since their reigns embarked –  dor me, Wlad is already a defeated fighter entering this bout against AJ.

He can lose in any fashion and the populace will say he is on the losing end against father time.

I unfortunately believe that to be the case. Although AJ is still considered “fresh” to some, Wlad hasn’t fought a younger power puncher with speed like this, in quite some time.

This is not  Tyson Fury fighting Wlad in all due respect. AJ TKO in 4.

Mark Gannon, Author at Boxing News and Views, Ireland.

I expect Wlad to do well for a few rounds and father time and the younger hungrier fighter to catch up with him in the later rounds.

Your gas tank doesn’t run at full capacity at 41. AJ TKO round 9.

Robert Drummer Elmore, Boxing Author, USA.

For Joshua, he must set pace that is comfortable for him and uncomfortable for Wlad. Wlad is 41 and it would be wise for Joshua to make Wlad use as much energy as possible without tiring himself out.

Going to the body early would help Joshua and he must get Wlad’s attention right away with the power shots. He doesn’t have to hurt Wlad (having him wobbling around the ring, cut) but he must make Wlad think twice about throwing punches.

Wlad’s chin really has not been tested in a long time so we ‘ll see how he holds up if he does get cracked. If Joshua pushes Wlad and makes him fight for the majority of the round, he has a chance to end the fight.

My final prediction: Fury gave Wlad problems because as I stated earlier, Fury looked Wlad in the eye. Joshua’s youth will wear Wlad down and the fight will be stopped. 8th Rd TKO.

Ronnie Johnson, Great Grandson of legendary heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.

The problem I see for Vladimir however, is that the center of the ring has always been his primary area of dominance in the ring, and he yields a serious hand speed advantage to Joshua there.

He may not have the reflexes to evade Joshua’s right hand and doesn’t have a decisive height or reach advantage to keep Joshua at a distance with.

Therefore, I lean towards a Joshua KO.

How ironic it is that Vladimir predicted that Joshua would be champion one day and his reign may get its first stardom at the expense of Vladimir’s legacy.

PS: I expect the early moments to be very testy for Joshua, as Amir Khan claims he’s never seen Joshua this nervous before a fight, another potential X-factor, but one I believe he’ll get over after the early jitters.