The Winner Of Golovkin vs Jacobs Will Prove Who Number One Middleweight Is

Gennady Golovkin will be putting his number one status as the best middleweight in the world on the line come fight night.

We are less than a couple of weeks away from the fight that will take place in the most famous of boxing’s arenas, Madison Square Garden.

Winner Of Golovkin vs Jacobs

This Golovkin vs Jacobs match up is one between two well rounded boxers in truth, a fight that promises to bring fireworks and keep the fans entertained for all twelve rounds.

If it goes the distance that is.

For those not familiar with ‘GGG’, Golovkin is a humble fighter from Kazakhstan, known for his intimidating pressure fighting style.

His opponent, Danny Jacobs, comes from New York and is known as the Miracle Man for becoming a champion after beating cancer.

One interesting stat about Golovkin is that all but three of his victories have come in the way of KO or TKO.

If his fights indicate anything, it is that he will not let the decision go to the judges.

It’s just not how he rolls.

Jacobs is a big hitter himself, so this fight could be a cracker as long as it lasts.

The question that everyone is wondering is: Does the Miracle Man have what it takes to stand toe to toe with the Kazakh boxer?

Jacobs certainly has a lot of success in his career and he says his ready for this fight.

So now, I ask you, the fans, who do you have winning this fight?