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Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington Full Fight Review

On his return to his native Alabama and return to boxing after an injury to his bicep in 2016, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ didn’t disappoint. Here’s our Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington full fight review from start to finish.

Going into the fight we predicted that it would be a Wilder win and indeed it was.

Gerald Washington was looking to become the first heavyweight boxing champion of Mexican descent, but that record was not to be broken tonight.

Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington Full Fight

Wilder started off round 1 cautiously, on the back foot – working his way into the bout gradually.

The shouts of ‘Deontay, Deontay’ could be heard in the first in what was in truth, a quiet and hard to split round.

The second was another tentative affair, with perhaps the best punch of the round a jab to the body landed by ex-football player Washington.

Washington’s confidence seemed to be growing in the third, landing a nice overhand right at the beginning of the round and he proceeded to back the champion onto the ropes.

Wilder had a bit of success in the fourth with a right hand to the body of Washington, although the champion looked to be a bit frustrated.

But that frustration was not to last long – when he found the big right hand he was looking for in round 5.

He followed it up in wild fashion, swinging bombs on Washington that prompted the referee to wave off the fight.

The win now sets up surely a big fight for the champion in the summer.