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(Shocking Video) Watch: Boxer Taunts Another Fighter’s Childhood Disability

Conor Benn, son of former world boxing champion Nigel Benn, has been caught up in a whirlwind of controversy this week regarding a video that has surfaced of him appearing to mock another boxer’s webbed feet condition that he’s had since childhood.

The video comes not long after we spoke to the boxer whom Benn’s verbal assault is aimed at – Robin Deakin.


I spoke with Robin Deakin here in recent weeks as he told me he is planning a comeback to the ring soon and wants to fight Conor Benn.

Benn and Deakin appear to have a history with one another but Benn’s latest jibe has been labelled as a disgusting insult in some quarters at a fellow fighter.

Judge for yourself.

Boxer taunts another boxer’s childhood disability:

What do you think? Has boxing trash talk and pre-fight hype been over stepped here?

Boxing as a sport is famous for it not having a line of course.

Overstepping the line seems to be a thing that fewer and fewer fighters worry about in this new generation of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor trash-talk style promotion.

Neither of the above two fighters ever remotely came anywhere near to something like the above though, mind you.

Both Benn and Deakin continue to trade insults online, as Deakin looks to get his professional boxing license renewed to settle their differences inside the ring.