Anthony Joshua Speaks Of How Klitschko Fight Is A ‘New Experience’

Anthony Joshua speaks in Germany on how the upcoming heavyweight title fight on April 29th will be a lot of firsts for him.

In Germany Promoter Eddie Hearn touched on how he believes the fight will be the biggest heavyweight bout since Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson.

He could very well be right – 90,000 tickets selling out so far surely offers tangible proof.

Anthony Joshua Speaks

But with the size of the event, some have suggested that how Joshua handles the occasion and pressure so early on in his career will tell a lot.

Speaking at the German press conference, Joshua spoke of how there are a lot firsts for him with the event:

“We started in the small local gyms and now I’m up here speaking as if I’m running for mayor or President. So it’s amazing, it’s a transformation that I have to get used to. It’s very early on in my career so I’m experiencing so many new things. But’s it a blessing as well because you never stop learning.”

He added:

“It’s new for me so I’ll either crumble which I highly doubt – I can definitely see myself rising to the occasion come April 29th.”

It appears to me at least, that Klitschko is adding to this pressure very subtly for the young Briton with comments like these in the build-up to the fight.

April 29th the world will find out just how good Anthony Joshua is.