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Daniel Jacobs Questions Gennady Golovkin’s Chin

‘Miracle Man’ Daniel Jacobs is in deep preparation ahead of his fight with ‘GGG’ next month.

Daniel Jacobs seems to be a fighter as humble as you’ll come across.

Not one for trash talk or getting into the hype side of the boxing business.

daniel jacobs

He comes across as a man who does things the right way, takes one fight at a time and takes every opponent as serious as the next.

The next challenge of his career is no doubt the biggest one however.

Middleweight number one Gennady Golovkin is as feared a boxer there’s been since a young Mike Tyson.

He possess already the all time highest knockout ratio in the middleweight division.

But Daniel Jacobs just sees a human being in front of him and is not playing into the mystique that surrounds Golovkin before he gets into the ring with him.

At an open media scrum this week, Jacobs has questions about how Golovkin will react when he’s hit by a big middleweight:

“I don’t know. Anybody can be hurt. This is boxing. This whole genetic thing, this whole talk that he’s unstoppable, he’s never been hurt. All this talk about his chin. It’s going to be questioned once he gets hit by a true middleweight. I’m looking forward to just winning. However that win comes I’m just looking forward to. The questions about his chin and questions about his heart, I mean, it’s up for debate. At the end of the day I don’t care nothing about that. I just want to win.”

Thus far Golovkin’s chin has been shown to be almost super human.

He’s walked through everything that opponents have dished out so far.

But Jacobs will be by far the biggest, strongest and most likely the hardest hitting fighter he will have faced to date.

It’s shaping up to be one heck of a middleweight unification on March 18th at Madison Square Garden.

Full the full media scrum this week with Jacobs above – check it out here via Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip and credit):

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